Monday, July 30, 2007

Ten Thoughts on Whole Living (from Body & Soul, 7-8/07)

I love these!

True power comes from internal strength, not muscular prowess.

Every interaction has an emotional impact. Handle each one with awareness.

A healthy diet is a vibrant, flavorful one.

Passion, like fire, requires stoking. Find new ways to intensify it.

Personal fitness emerges when you confidently inhabit your body.

Know your worth -- and accept nothing less.

Celebrate the milestones that mean the most to you, not someone else.

Simply being present is often the most valuable gift you can give.

Solitude feeds your soul, but that doesn't mean you always have to go it alone.

Misery may be contagious - but so is joy.


Thunder and Lightning, Go Away,

I had a planned swim today.

Not to be, the Y's policy pulls everyone out of the water at the first rumble of thunder or bolt of lightning and keeps them out until 30 minutes after it all passes. It's still rumbling here, and morning swim ends at 9, so I'm "weathered-out" for the day.

I guess I'll run or walk later, and try to get in some more yoga. I got in a 50 minute practice last night, and wow, am I out of yoga shape. Actually, I'm out of everything shape, but at least I'm working on it now :-)

Webster Laker's, I'm so sorry I missed you all yesterday. The 4AM call ended up being too early for me. I tried, but ended up back in bed. These days, if I can sleep, I do it -- in the heirarchy of needs, its almost always at or near the top.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

I went running today, and my back survived!

I took it easy on myself - 1 mile walk warmup, then 4x .25 mile run/.25 mile walk intervals, then a mile run cool down. 4 miles in about 65 minutes, so walking pace. In the middle of the cool down I took a break to strip off my gear and shoes, and hop into the ocean to get wet. It's an incredibly heavy muggy day here, and the cool water felt fabulous!

Off shortly for another massage -- suggested by my doc, so who can quibble with that.

Tomorrow is swim angeling at Webster Lake for the Danskin Tri. Can't wait, its always a blast!

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Friday, July 27, 2007

The Zen Mile

easy and relaxed effort: 3x100- rest 30 seconds between 100s./

fast and relaxed effort: 6x50- rest 30 seconds between 50s./

faster and relaxed effort: 6x25 freestyle, fly, or backstroke- rest 30 seconds between 25s./

fast and relaxed effort: 10x75 freestyle swim- rest 30 seconds between 75s./

easy and relaxed effort: 3x50- rest 30 seconds between 50s.

easy and relaxed: 70% of your maximum
fast and relaxed: 80% of your maximum
faster and relaxed: 90% of your maximum
fastest and relaxed: 100% of your maximum


Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The return to training is derailed by a very tight and achey lower back and right hip flexor. I'm pretty sure spending a lot of time Sat. eve and Sunday on my feet, then sacking out Sunday night because I'd had zero sleep the past couple of nights, is what did it. I woke up Monday with so much pain and tightness, I couldn't stand up straight. That I had cramps too, didn't help. It's a tad better today, but it still hurts.

And I've got a nasty rash under my left armpit -- I think caused by new deodorant, but I've stopped using it, relying on lots of washing and powder. Today its stinging like crazy, and I can't get into the derm for 2 more weeks.

At least I haven't been hungry for a couple of days.

I'm telling you, turning 40 has *not* been a piece of cake.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good things come in threes!

1). Last night was my third day of working out in a row.

B). At that workout, I did three different things - 30 mins bike, 10 min elliptical (for the first time ever, and that thing is tough), 15 mins treadmill.

III). Minus 3.0 at my first weigh-in this morning.

Hmm, maybe I'll actually be able to compete in a triathlon this fall, ya think?

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The best easy simple dinner evah!

Last night: broiled salmon steak rubbed in curry paste, doused in lemon; fresh spinach sauteed with garlic; yokon gold tater w/ a few sprays of ICBINB, sea salt and fresh pepper. I ate the spinach over the tater, too. YUM. A big handfull of sweet, juicy, delicious Ranier cherries (the glorious gold ones) for dessert.

Now, 364 more dinners like that, and I should get some more weight off.

I had a nice sleep too (11-5, then some tossing until 6ish), and made the pool this morning (1300 yards, felt good).

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Baby steps.

Tonight, it was 2.30 miles worth of them along the beach.

First mile out, actually running, no walk breaks. Slow, but steady.

Second mile, a brisk walk.

0.30 mile, mostly run, but I needed a walk break up the final hill.

I feel like I'm starting over again. I suppose in some ways, I am. And that wouldn't be so bad, if I could recapture the feeling of confidence, intent, focus, and purpose I had when I started this journey, almost 4 years ago. I'd love to find that feeling again. That, in a word, is my mojo.

Tomorrow, baby strokes, in the pool.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

When your crotch pops, its time to re-join WW.

Yep, my favorite white summer pants, pants I have had taken in at least twice, betrayed me on Monday night. I always feel good in this outfit, even if I knew those pants were getting too tight. I had promised myself I was going back to WW after my August vacation, I wasn't *really* ready yet, maybe I could get back on track on my own, I'm going to sleep through the night one night soon, for sure.



And then I got in my car Monday night. I heard a little rip, then a POP. I couldn't figure out what it was. I had NO idea. So off I headed to a Cornell Alumnae dinner. I dropped my directions along the way, and reached down, and saw a loose piece of cloth on my pants. Oh my lord, I figured out the noise.

So, no excuses, no waiting, who needs sleep. I'm back, I've paid my money, I stepped on that scale, and sat at the meeting. One day at a time. Today, actually, ended up being a good one. It feels good to exert some *control* over my life for a change. Maybe there is mojo out there for me, after all.

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