Thursday, September 20, 2007

Crazy eights: a quick catch-up

More to come this weekend, I promise (really).

1. My sleep has regressed the last couple of weeks, and I've been soooooo ridiculously exhausted lately. I'm UBER tired of this.

2. I've been diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea, so at least there is an answer. The solution - CPAP - which won't happen for another month or so (I need another sleep study to calibrate it).

3. The Red Sox are going to break my heart again. Sigh.

4. Work is busy, but good. But busy.

5. I haven't been to a meeting or on the scale in a month. Double sigh.

6. Today starts a new WW cycle, and I WILL journal, I WILL exercise, and I WILL make a meeting.

7. Got a cool new rack for my bike. Assuming I can assemble it an get it on the car, I can finally get my bike issues fixed, and get out for some good fall riding.

8. Tufts 10K on 10/8. To go or not? I hate to miss it, it would be my third year in a row, but the 10K I did in August kicked my backside. And I'm not in any better shape. Decisions, decision.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

And I am certainly grinding.

Or being ground.

Into little exhausted bits of lawyer-triathlete.

Lots (too much) going on, but I promise I'll get to an update this weekend.

Sweet New Year to one and all!