Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Q1:W10 Training Schedule

M: Post 1oK Rest Day
T: Bike 45
W: Run 3
Th: Bike 45
F: Swim 1600
Sat: Run 7
Sun: Bike 60AM/Strength PM

Plus daily yoga and meditation.


I'm Still Standing . . .

CUE: Elton John.

Sunday was the Hyannis 10K, my second shot at this race. I actually raced according to plan, felt pretty good, but didn't have the results I wanted.

The plan: Take the first half easy, keeping my HR in Zone 3. The race starts with a gradual uphill, and last year I let the pack push me faster than I should have gone, and I was walking before Mile 2. This year, I stayed in Z3 or the bottom of Z4 until the 5K point, when I kicked it up a notch and raced in Z4-5. The flattest part of the course, along the beach, and again I felt good. I also didn't walk, like I had done last year, until Mile 5. Again, all according to plan.

At Mile 5 the course heads up a hill through Hyannisport. I waved at the Kennedys and slowed down for my only extended walk, to the top of the hill. I ran until the water stop, grabbed a quick half cup of water, then started running again. I ran the rest of the race and finished hard, my HR up in Z5.

Hit the button, looked at my results, and wanted to cry -- I was 30 seconds SLOWER than last year, when I had felt so terrible, and walked so much. I still don't understand how that happened, and when I reviewed my info in my HRM, the (calibrated and so far always accurate) footpod says I ran 7.02, not 6.2. I didn't go off course, and I as a slowpoke, I *always* pay attention to the geometry of a course and try to save as many footsteps as possible. I don't know what happened. That distance makes more sense in terms of my pace and end time. Of course, my result is my result, but I'm puzzled. And I guess I'm still looking for my mojo.

Monday, I was still sore, so there is no doubt I ran hard. This morning, my right hip is twingy, but I'll hit the bike or pool later, and hope to work out the last kinks, and get back into a good solid training routine. I guess I need a plan for the week, huh.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Step back = Fall back

Sorry folks, nothing but grim sadness to report. It's been a rough few weeks, and I've handled it OK, but not great. A breakup that is somewhat shattering, followed by the unexpected death of a colleague, and I feel like I'm moving in quicksand. I can't WAIT for this week to end, when I get to head to Chi-town, my dearest friends, and a celebration of TBTMNBN. LPTEPA, CONGRATS on surviving it -- you look fabu, great pics!

I'm looking around for my mojo, anyone seen it? I need it for next weekend, when I'm racing in Hyannis. Anyway, I'm packing my bag to run at the gym after work tonight. I've not sat down completely, but I haven't even logged the few workouts I've done. Hopefully, I haven't ruined the progress I was making, but even if I have, I've got to start back on track *somewhere.*

Blogger forced me to change over, sheesh, there goes my last bit of resistance!

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Q1:W6 - Step back week!

MON: Bike 45-60
TUES: Rest
WED: Run 2-3 (hills/trail)
THURS: Bike 30-45
FRI: Travel day/Swim 45
SAT: In DC all day meetings, walk as much as possible
SUN: Travel day/Run 3-5

This week ended on a tired note. Tummy troubles during yesterday's long run, the beginnings of a cold, and I just can't get warm. Temps today peaked at low-mid 20s, and the wind was blowing. Brrrrr, and the week ahead looks colder. I just may be forced to run on the damn deadmill after all.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Pool time

I made yesterday's rescheduled workout this morning, even though I coudl have easily stayed in bed.

4x400, a surprisingly tough w/o.
1x 400 free: 10:39
1x 400 free: 10:27
1x 400 IM: 11:38
1x 400 free/breast: 11:53

As you can see, I fatigued quite a bit, and I am really not an IM swimmer (my backstroke is never straight, I can't butterfly, and my breaststroke is slower than my free). But its my longest swim of the year, so I'll take it. Mixing up the strokes helped break it all up, too.

I think I need to do this 1x a week, and then a second swim of drills and speed work.

Now if I can just stave off the resulting hunger with a skinny soy latte and lots of water, I'll survive.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Accidentally on purpose.

Yesterday I worked from home, so at 5:45, when the alarm went off, I shut it down. Last night, I totally forgot to turn it back on, so I slept right through the time I needed to get up to make the scheduled swim, and a 9AM meeting. I slept pretty well though, and after my hard morning run, and tough strength training session in the evening, I know I needed the extra rest anyway. I'll make today a day of active rest -- I am a teeny bit sore and stiff from yesterday anyway -- and swim tomorrow. I started today with 30 minutes of AM yoga, and tonight I'll do more. How do I keep on forgetting how dang good it makes my body feel!?!?

So forward I keep marching! My trainer, who I have not seen since early December, noticed changes in both my body shape and my strength last night. I love progress, it is such a wonderful, motivating reward. I'm sorry I won't be seeing her again until the spring, but I hope I can fit in some more sessions then -- she is terrific (just expensive).