Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More veg menus

B: Oatmeal, skim, dried cherries, vanilla, maple syrup; coffee w/ skim.
L: Spicy tuna maki rolls -- a small sidetrack . . .
D: Eggplant parm and salad, homemade in JH - yum.
S: Blueberry bran muffin; hummus & pretzels.

B: Eggbeaters w/ asparagus & cheddar; sunflower bread toast.
L: Saag paneer; veggie biryani; berry juice.
D: Carrot-ginger soup; strawberries.
S: Cran-bran muffin; hummus; pretzels.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Lately, I've been thinking about fear, and stepping outside the protective walls we create for ourselves. I've been so so stuck the last few months, and unhappy with my training. It seems like the joy has gone out of this work for me, and I don't really understand why. I'm not working hard, and that was where much of the fun was -- the constant challenge.

After reading Joe B's race report, and a similar report from Hurricane Bob, it all became a little clearer. I have been afraid to push myself, to feel that edge, to hurt, and then to go beyond it. Probably, because I've experienced too much hurt the last 6 months, and I'm still in protective mode.

But time goes on, the river flows, life is evening out, and it is past time for me to step out of that protective cocoon I've so carefully (and perhaps unconsciously) woven around myself. I want to be a butterfly again.

Veggie Tuesday Two

Breakfast: FF plain yogurt, raspberries, 1t honey, 1/2C Uncle Sam cereal; veggie sausage; skim latte w/1 splenda (trying to cut out more sugar). I stopped for coffee on the way to the office and avoided the muffins.

Going out to lunch with a friend, so hoping to find a good greek salad, or a veggie sandwich. Clemmies, a banana, and a pretzel are waiting in my bag for snacks later.

Dinner will be whole wheat pasta with my fave arrabbiata sauce and steamed broccoli and some of the good parm/romano mix that I love. And then strawberries, maybe with a splash of Grand Marnier :-)

Misty, I'm definitely going to check out that veggie recipe link soon!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Just a reminder . . . .

. . . Temples (and triathletes) do *not* need muffins. Really they don't. Nor do they need sugar in their tea, or coffee almost every morning (which is a gateway drug to the muffins).

Honestly, my eating is doing so much better, but I can't seem to let go of the last few crutches (or these 15 extra pounds). What am I SO afraid of?


Sunday, March 12, 2006

First OUTSIDE ride of the year.

Short but very sweet, even though my hands hurt and I was a tad nervous to be back in traffic. I'll have to work back up to that. But it was fun to finally feel a little speed - 27.5 mph on my only real downhill of the ride -- waahoooo!

Followed it up with a 3 mile walk/run interval set on the beach -- what a glorious day!

I've actually had a decent training week: a couple of swims, a ride, and a couple of runs, plus some yoga. Now, it's time to repeat that success and start building on it!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The end is near . . .

. . of winter, that is.

60 (or close) today, and instead of the Triathlon Expo, I'm taking my bike off the trainer and heading for a ride outside.

But first, I have to work, albeit from home. Tomorrow I have to head into the office. BAH.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lucky me,

another morning in the pool :-)

Because I needed to come into work later than normal, I slept until 6 and then went to the Y for another swimming session. Not crowded today at all. In fact, I had a lane to myself for most of my workout. I ended up swimming about an hour of drills and 1600M of laps. My longest and furtherest swim of the year, so far!

One thing I continue to work on is my bilateral breathing. I roll easily to the right, keeping my head low, and just bring my mouth out on the left to breathe. It feels comfortable and natural. But when I roll to left and turn my head right, you'd think I had anchors on my feet and head. I flounder, sink, and never feel like I get a good breath. I feel so dang awkward! Anyway, I spent a bit of time swimming on my left side, or only breathing on the right, to try and get more comfortable with the whole idea. Any thoughts, ideas, or good drills to try?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Swimming, I do so love it.

I've been snarly the last few days. A couple of things haven't worked out too well for me, one of which was rather painful. But, I didn't cope by running to food, which is a small victory. And, I got my backside out of bed this morning and hit the pool before work.

I got to the pool about 10 minutes later than I had hoped, and it was jammed. I went to swim in the small pool, and was inceremoniously hauled out after one lap. So the snarling continued. The guard did promise to get a lane circling, that I could work into, and so she did. Although it was a challenge to swim with one fast lap swimmer, one medium (me), and one poker-alonger. After getting passed a couple of times, poker-alonger jumped out and snarled down at the two of us still swimming. Whatever - 10 minutes in the water and I'm feeling MUCH better.

A couple of minutes later an older lady pops into the lane, pays no attention (or does not see) there are already two swimmers, and starts backstroking up the lane. Fast swimmer is heading down the lane. I was at the end by then, and the guard and I yelled to warn them. But the collision was inevitable. Luckily, it was at a pretty slow speed. Backstroker finished her lap, and then continued to impeed the rest of use for another 15 minutes. But I'm warmed up, feeling reasonably good, and just swimming my workout - dodging backstroker when necessary, and letting fast swimmer pass me at the ends. Backstroker finally quit, and snarled at me as she jumped out of the pool.

Whatever lady, I'm chilled, relaxed, enjoying the feel of the water along my body. Have a nice day I smile back at her. I finished up, gave myself the gift of the sauna for 10 minutes, showered and dressed, then hit the T for the ride into work. After all the obstructions of the morning, it was smooth as silk getting here.

Coffee in hand, computer ready, and I'm feeling fine.

Have a lovely day, y'all.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Veggie Tuesday

Just something I'm going to try for a while -- making sure I get in those extra fruits and veggies, and keep the fat DOWN - while skipping meat on Tuesdays. And probably Fridays during lent, if I can remember.

Today's menu:
B: Veggie sausage, 1/2 bran muffin, tea w/ skim & sugar (gotta cut out that sugar, seriously).
L: Greek salad w/ yummy feta but no olives, pita.
D: Veggie burger, oven baked chipolte fries, clemmie.
S: Slice of cheese pizza, pretzels, clemmie.

Not a perfect day (where did that pizza come from), but not a bad start, either.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The train to Maine . . .

Taking my first trip on the Downeaster to Maine. Wish I was going skiing, but I'm just helping Mom organize and get rid of stuff, so she can get her house on the market this spring. But, I packed my yoga togs and my running stuff, so I plan on getting in some exercise, as well as digging through/throwing out dusty boxes.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

FBB - Warning, geek alert!

Those of you who visit occasionally may have noticed my avatar has changed (although I did keep the cool pink shades). It's in order to get ready for the baseball season, beginning with my FBB draft next week. Yep, I'm a FBB (fantasy baseball) geek -- this will be my 9th season "managing" Dem Birds, Hon! -- named in honor of my hometown Baltimore Orioles. So wish me luck, and I promise not to spend too much bandwith gabbing about the season :-)