Saturday, January 03, 2009

Goodbye 2008, and Welcome 2009!

2008 was the follow-up to the year of no sleep, with almost as little sleep as in 2007. The CPAP didn't work, the mouth guard didn't work, what *will* work? Somehow, mid-summer, sleep started returning again -- helped in part by new allergy free bedding (oh yes, I am now officially an "itchy" girl -- peanut gallery, please leave that alone), silk eyeshade, and ear plugs. Getting some sleep helped me get going again, and I managed my first double digit weight-loss in a couple of years. The fall, work stress, and less sleep all conspired against me, and the struggle returned. What will 2009 bring? Acceptance -- that I will get less sleep than I want, but maybe, as the Stones sing, it's what I need. Persistence -- that I can find my inner athlete again. Dedication -- to training, exercise, healthy whole foods, and honoring my body and my mind. Quiet -- on the yoga mat, in my busy brain, when I need to sleep. Strength -- to manage it all. Love -- from my fabulous family and friends.

Bring. It. On!

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