Monday, October 30, 2006

The never ending debate: cars v. bikes.

All I want is to go ride my bike, safely, without being harassed by automobiles driven by rude and/or ignorant and/or uncaring drivers. I want to ride faster than 5 miles an hour, and longer than 5 miles.

I'm *not* interested in challenging said automobiles (or even the blissfully ignorant pedestrians). I wear brightly colored jerseys so the drivers and the walkers and the runners can *see* me and stay a reasonable and respectful distance away. I wear a helmet ALWAYS. My brakes are in excellent working condition, and the rest of my equipment is well cared for. I check my tires before every ride, and add air if necessary. The state requires me to have reflectors, and if I ride in the dark (which I try never to do), I add a light, and extra reflective clothing.

I NEVER ride with an Ipod or headphones of any kind. I like to hear the wind, and I listen for traffic and people who might wave and say hello. Or other bikes coming up behind me.

I want a reasonable amount of space when I ride. I don't always ride the white line because I *know* there is a culvert coming up. Or a storm drain, or a pothole. I ride these roads every week, and I *see* them. You automobile drivers probably don't know them the way I do. I'll ride inside the white line when its safe to do so. "Safe" being, I can travel more than a couple of bike lengths without coming up against a curb.

I want to know that I can rely on *you* driver/walker following the same rules of the road that I follow. But I never assume that's the case. Perhaps you should do the same, and pay attention when you drive. I've read too many stories about what happens when cars and bikes get mixed up. I KNOW the bike always loses. I KNOW people who've lost.

I want to ride the roads that I ride without making a political statement, polluting the air, or creating noise (other than the hum the spokes on my wheel make when I get above 25 mph). I want to challenge my body and enjoy that bliss you get from moving in rhythm and harmony on a beautiful clear morning.

I'm not allowed on interstate highways, and that's perfectly fine with me, you can keep them. I'm not interested in licensure, or taxes. If you logged the miles of bike travel v. the miles of car travel, I bet the bikes would end up, proportionately owing a couple of pennies a rider. Consider this my two cents.

Friday, October 27, 2006


'Nuff said :-)

Now for a glass of wine, a good nights sleep, and off to CT in the am to see my boyz after a nice run. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

TGIS - Thank Goodness Its Sunday!

Long week, long Friday, long Saturday (where I worked until 6PM). I brought sushi home, watched the live feed from IM Kona, and fell into bed once the women's winner, Michellie Jones, crossed the line.

But today, I was able to sleep in (until 8!!), got up and rode an hour in the bright sun and wind. Low 40s, but my new shoe covers, and a heavier weight jersey helped keep me warm (I still need some sort of under-helmet head covering and better gloves, but I was really pretty comfy). I stopped at a local coffee shop for a latte on my way home, and got sucked into a piece of breakfast pizza. Eggy batter, with beautiful carved swirls of ham, on pizza crust. Yummmm, it was so good. So I have a salad for lunch, it was totally worth it!

Off to catch up on some laundry and errands, then I'm meeting a friend for a late afternoon hike in the Blue Hills. I have a feeling this day is going to fly by -- is it *noon* already? Wow, I definitely need a second Sunday this week :-)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I love London!

You Belong in London

A little old fashioned, and a little modern.
A little traditional, and a little bit punk rock.
A unique woman like you needs a city that offers everything.
No wonder you and London will get along so well.

Except when I'm in the mood for Rome :-)

You Belong in Rome

You're a big city girl with a small town heart
Which is why you're attracted to the romance of Rome
Strolling down picture perfect streets, cappuccino in hand
And gorgeous Italian men - could life get any better?

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Goal for this week: Stay even keeled

I'm in the middle of trying to get a big brief out the door at the end of next week and the stress is starting to build. This is the first *big* brief at this firm, and I want it to be spectacular. Of course, it's not. Yet. Mostly, because I've had writers block and I'm not happy with my draft so far. Nor is it where I had hoped it would be by this week. The crazy dreams are setting in, its harder to get out the door to run or bike or do anything, and making good choices becomes harder. I just want to curl up in a ball and have it all be over -- but of course I can't. I can't stop my life, nor can I stop doing all the good things I've been doing for myself lately.

What I can do is to try and limit the rest of the stresses in my life. I can try to simplify. I can stop taking on too much. I can recognize that I need time and focus to make this document get to where it needs to be.

So, I've got my om necklace on for the duration. I will remember to breathe. I will take a walk whenever I can, and a run would be good too. I will eat healthily and count my stinking points. I will limit my social invitations until the brief is filed, so I can keep my focus. And I will write, write, write, as much as I can, wherever I can.

Monday, October 09, 2006

A little bit of fall on a fork

Simple, easy and delish!

Chunk up:

1 butternut squash, peeled and seeded
1 apple, cored
1 medium red onion

Put in a roasting pan sprayed with cooking spray, and season to taste with: salt, pepper, garlic, ginger, and cinnamon.

Roast at 450 until tender and browning at the edges. The apples will probably crumble, and you should stir it a couple of times.

Roughly fork mash, and enjoy!

1 WW point per cup

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fall, glorious Fall!

Today was a busy busy day. I got up early for a 60 minute bike ride, and then met a friend for an easy hike at World's End, in Hingham. World's End is conservation land managed by the Trustees of the Reservations, and it consists of four coastal drumlins, linked together by causeways, jutting into Hingham Bay.

The property is just amazing, and the layout was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead, of Central Park fame. There are fabulous views of Boston, the Harbor and the Islands. World's End itself is also a part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. The property description and more about the Trustees is here:

After the hike (which I just read is classified by the Trustees as "moderate"), we went off to my favorite outdoor restaurant, the Old Salt House in Cohasset Harbor for lunch. The day warmed up considerably, hitting 69, with bright sun and big blue skies. We were two *hungry* women, for sure and ate well -- salads with crab, then big sandwiches (lobster for Gail, chicken/motz/red pepper panini for me) with fries (and boy did they taste terrific, but I didn't finish them all), then splitting a slice of key lime pie. It was a fabulous treat, and a lovely way to say goodbye to summer! Tomorrow is the last day, before Old Salt closes for the year, until Memorial Day weekend, 2007.

I'm pretty commited to my Sunday morning bike rides, but its getting progessively colder up here in the Northeast (and next weekend, the bike and I will be in Vermont, where it could be really really cool in the morning). This morning, it was 46 when I set out. I was in decent tights, l/s jersey, jacket, full-finger cycling gloves. Took 20 minutes to warm up and my toes and fingers never did really get warm. I know wool cycling socks would help, but what else? Shoe covers? Any specific glove recommendations? Are there wooly cycling gloves? As long as the weather remains decent (and even in some cases where its marginal) I'm committed to these early morning weekend rides. I just can't face the trainer yet, and besides, I still need to get better at cycling in different conditions.

Up for tomorrow, the Tufts 10K. Probably doing a combo of running and walking. My hip just isn't ready for a full 10K yet. I do love this time of year, wooooohoooooooo!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Personal trainer!

I should be doing dishes, but while the water drains from my sink clog (ick), I'll fill y'all in on my training session last night.

At the recommendation of my chiro, I signed up for a personal trainer and had my first session with her last night. Our plan, to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses, develop an off-season strength training plan to accompany my focus on weight loss and prevent recurrence of injury. I've never had a trainer before, so I didn't know what to expect, but I LOVED every second of working with her. Just having someone dedicated to your own improvement for an hour felt fantastic. But she is also incredibly knowledgeable and blew me away with her ability to discern small stuff, as well as the big.

Her focus is on stretching and strength, using pilates type core conditioning. We'll also move into free weights at some point.

Her diagnosis was that like many women, I am quad and ab dependent. That has resulted in a front-back imbalance, and weaker hammys, glutes and lower back. I also have a left-right imbalance. Both probably contributed to my right side ITB injury, and my recurring cranky right achilles.

She's given me some stretches and strength moves to start, and next week we'll continue to develop the program. Her sessions include written descriptions of the exercises and other feedback. I'm really really happy with the investment, and I think I could get really addicted, fast. Will have to figure out the pennies, but have signed up for weekly sessions the rest of the month and will see where I go from there.

I just loved it, I worked hard, and I'm psyched to have my own tri trainer/coach, at some point. Oh, and she made my day by being totally nonplussed about my size, and even commented that I have very good body awareness, and that I'm clearly an athlete who has a solid foundation in yoga. Wooohooooo!

I do need to invest in a balance ball. Does anyone have any really good recommendations for a burst-resistant, non-slippery ball?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hub On Wheels: Cancelled

It's cold, windy, rain was forecast, and I'm still getting over my cold, but I geared up, loaded my bike and headed into Boston. On the way, I chatted with the friend who got me to sign up for this ride. She was bagging, so I turned around a went home. But instead of going inside, I took my bike off the rack and hopped on for a ride up the peninsula. I live on a narrow little peninsula that runs from SW to NE, poking into Massachusetts Bay & Boston Harbor. It started raining as soon as I turned around and headed home. Still, I rode. The rain wasn't bad -- on and off in showers. The wind was nuts. I flew up the peninsula, making pretty good speed for me without riding too hard. Coming back, my speed dropped 5 mph with the headwinds. Wow.

So its 9AM on a nasty Sunday. I've ridden, had my coffee, and logged my miles. Time for a shower, my warmest cuddliest robe, and a movie :-)