Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lenten Commitment

Instead of depriving myself of something, I'm going to chose to make my lenten commitment something positive. This year, I am committing to waking up early and having a sunrise yoga practice, for at least 15 minutes, every morning.

Should be fun to keep the tally and see how I do!

Building on *That Feeling*

Despite its challenges, or because of, Sunday's race has gotten me more excited and energized for the 2006 season than I've felt in ages. I'm sore sore sore, so drinking tons of water, and taking a few advil, but I WILL hit the trainer tonight and the pool tomorrow.

Updating my race schedule, I've added an Easter 5K. Who can resist a race called "The Bunny Boogie!" I'm also seriously thinking of adding a pool-based super sprint in May. Have any of you raced in pool-based sprints, and how do they work?

Any of you New Englanders interested in joining me at the Sudbury Spring Sprint on May 14 at 8AM? It's a 400 yard pool swim, 7 mile bike, and 2.3 mile run. A nice little race to get the blood flowing, and the heart pumping, for the outdoor season!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

RR: Hyannis Marathon 10K, or, How To Kick Yourself in the Ass

(Me and my silver (for snow & ice) race bling - I *earned* this baby)

I'm just proud of myself for sticking with this race. There were a million reasons why I could have quit, or never even showed, starting with my six week taper, or my gimpy achilles, and ending with the weather. I arrived at the race site this morning to the remnants of last nights snow storm continuing over the Cape, unplowed roads, and bitter wind and cold (15 or so at start time). It was bad enough the organizers almost cancelled the half and full marathon, and had everyone race the 10K. But off we went at 10AMish, onto the slushy, slippery roads. It was one of those races where I never got comfortable. When the sun peeked out and the wind died, I'd heat up quickly and sweat. Hat and gloves would come off. Then the clouds would roll back in and the wind would pick up, and I'd be shivvering in my wet clothes. I don't think I've been as sweat soaked in August. I feel for the marathoners, most of us 10K and half-ers were happy to be back at the hotel eating hot soup as soon as possible.

The course was far hillier than I expected, the last third being almost all uphill from the beaches back into town. My lack of condition really showed up then. I was on close to PR pace for the first half, and crumbled, the second half. I got blisters on one foot, cramps in the other, but I perservered, slowed down, and finished. And when I could focus on something other than my various aches and pains, or inability to breathe in the cold, the course was just glorious. It winds from outside Hyannis' west end, to the harbor, and then through the various beach communities and enclaves, culminating in a climb up through Hyannisport (just past a famous compound) and back to the hotel. The beach, and the homes sprinkled in snow were lovely, although I would have preferred about 20 more degrees and no wind.

Have not seen the results yet, but I'm sure I'll be DFL or close. I'm not thrilled, but this is the real hard kick in the ass I've needed. I don't want to feel this miserable in a race ever ever again!

Wooohoo, just saw the results and I wasn't DFL! Kudos to those behind me, who must have really been hurting and made it through, well done!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Olympic Couch Potato

I really thought the Olympics would be motivating. I figured, I'd watch while spinning on my trainer. That I'd wake up early ready to run, or swim. That I'd be energized and excited to get out there and train.

Instead my motivation continues its month-long tropical vacation (its on a beach with Linae's motivation, got a postcard the other day). And me, I spend hours every night as a big lump on the couch. Watching, cheering, dozing, and not making it to bed before midnight. Not making the 5AM siren call of the alarm, either.

Thank goodness the fortnight ends in 5 days, and I can get back to my regularly scheduled life!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Goals and Motivation

My January training was pathetic (see sidebar for mileage total), so I'm going to try something different in February. I'm going to choose some achieveable hourly goal totals for each sport, for each week. I've got some constraints to deal with - I'm away twice for four days each time (including one day of travel), where I won't have access to bike or pool, which means I have no more than 23 training days available. And at the moment, I'm doing a project for a firm in Boston which means I'm commuting, i.e., out the door before 7, don't get home before 7:30, and there are no long breaks during the day.

This is what I think is achieveable this month (and if my project ends early, perhaps I can find a few more hours):

RUNNING: 3.0 hours per week
CYCLING: 2.0 hours per week
SWIMMING: 2.0 hours per week
CORE/STRENGTH: 1.5 hours per week

OK, based on some comments, and how exhausted I am tonight, I'm going to scale that schedule back a bit. I really do want to ACHIEVE these goals, and then build on that success!

February Weekly Goals:
RUNNING: 2.0 hours per week
CYCLING: 2.0 hours per week
SWIMMING: 1.5 hours per week
CORE/STRENGTH: 1.5 hours per week