Thursday, June 08, 2006

Random swamped-ness

I am both literally (the rains are never ending this spring) and figuratively (fending off motions for preliminary injunction, to compel, and a sweet little motion for sanctions) swamped these days. As a result training suffers, although the weather conditions aren't helping either. No time for regular posting, but how about some random thoughts from the last 2 weeks:

(1) I've got my second sore throat of the last 4 weeks. I swear it is from swimming in the murky pool on Tuesday.

(2) I had fun at a 5K last Sunday (6/4/06), didn't finish last, and improved my pace from my last race by almost 30 seconds. Still much improvement to be had, but some progress is encouraging!

(3) Made homemade chicken soup tonight, with lime, garlic, hot sauce, and brown rice. I hope it helps the throat!

(4) Lara bars. They taste terrific, and I love that there is no added sugar. But all that fat (12-18gms/bar). I know its nuts, and good fats, but it makes me nervous for some strange reason.

(5) I think the braids might be going. My hair is getting too long to be manageable.

(6) Baby Ian is almost 11 pounds already!!!

(7) LOVE my MP3, and being able to play with music. Who knew I'd enjoy running with the Peas *and* Bruce in the same mix!

(8) I'm not prepared for the P2P ride, so I'm back to considering the Webster Lake tri for June. Who knows what the water temps will be like though, given the weather and the rain. Heading to Webster to ride the course on Sunday 6/18, and if I can make it up the hill without killing myself (or puking), I'll race the next week.